Ways to Work with Me...

I support other healers, practitioners and mental healthcare workers through a variety of modalities and methods, including energy healing sessions, consultations, group healing events, trainings, downloadable guides & other resources. 

Learn more about my current offers below!

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1:1 Ahai Energy Healing &
Intuitive Reading


These individual healing sessions take a DEEP dive into any blocks you have been experiencing, whether related to your business & healing practice or personal life. They provide powerful energy healing, energetic protection, activations and removal of energetic blocks to bring you closer to your own pure energy and raise your vibration.  Each session is intuitively led and unique, based on the healing & guidance you truly need in that moment. Sessions include messages from your Angels & Guides.

For these sessions, I come to you!

Ahai Healing Sessions are available virtually for existing clients. Please email me or use the contact form to schedule.

Trapped Emotion Clearing &

Intuitive Reading

The Trapped Emotion Clearing & Intuitive Reading service is perfect for when you feel you need a little emotional tune up, as well as clarity from your guides and angels. 

You will receive...

* Removal of up to 5 trapped emotions.

* Information about where these emotions came from.

* Guidance in practical steps to take for healing moving forward.

* An intuitive card pull.

*  Messages from your guides and angels that they wish to share with you in the moment.

Sessions can be focused on an area of your choosing, or you can choose to allow your energy to guide us.

Please note: You do not need to schedule a day and time to meet with me to receive this service, making it the perfect fit for your busy schedule. Simply schedule your session for the WEEK you want it and you will receive your clearing and all the messages that came through during that calendar week (Monday- Thursday). I check in with your energy each day during that week & will complete the session when the energy is aligned. No need to hop on Zoom or a phone call!


Intuitive Reading

Live via Zoom

This is a live service where we get to connect live via Zoom!

During these sessions, you get to come with questions you wish to ask and intentions for what area(s) of your life you would like clarity around. I will connect with your energy, as well as your spirit guides and angels to share with you intuitive information that comes through. This is an interactive session and you are encouraged to ask questions throughout the duration of your session.

Sessions are 45 minutes. They do not include additional energy work. 

Private Healing Circles

A healing circle is a small group healing session. Private Healing Circles allow you to bring your own small group! They are perfect for special occasions, parties, group programs & events! They include the same high frequency energy healing and guidance of 1:1 sessions, around one intention of your choosing. These groups are sacred containers that amplify the healing. They provide a sense of community & connection, as the group heals together. 

Healing circles can be done virtually or in-person in the San Diego area & North County area.