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Have you tried everything to manage your emotions? Are you frustrated and afraid you'll always be at the mercy of mood swings? Are you working with a team of licensed professionals, but know something is missing? Do you want to learn how to trust yourself again?


My unique method  includes energy healing , coaching and intuitive guidance. I pull from my backgrounds as both a certified health coach and a mental health clinician, as well as from my own personal experience healing from depression and anxiety.  During our work together, I help in three main areas: releasing trapped emotions, grounding and energetic protection. These three areas are the foundation for learning how to live in harmony with your emotions. 

Our bodies hold onto trauma, emotions and limiting beliefs. We can also be impacted by the energy and emotions of those around us. These built up energies and traumas can block us from clearly connecting with our intuition and our hearts. When this occurs, we begin to lose trust in ourselves.


With the energy I channel during our sessions, the healing and guidance is able to meet you exactly where you are in the moment and provide exactly the healing & guidance you need- during every session. 

As we work to release trapped emotions and stored traumas, you will feel lighter and clearer, as your vibration is rising. As you learn to understand and protect your own energy, you will feel more stable, calm and connected to your inner voice. When you can clearly hear and feel this inner voice, you can begin building the life YOU truly desire. You can begin trusting your own intuition, once again.

Current Offers


1:1 Healing
These individual healing sessions take a DEEP dive into the emotional & physical symptoms you have been struggling with. They provide powerful energy healing, activations and removal of energetic blocks to bring you closer to healing your physical and emotional symptoms by getting to the energetic root cause.  Each session is intuitively led and unique, based on the healing & guidance you truly need in that moment. If you wish to receive it, session may also include messages from Spirit & coaching on how to integrate this healing into your daily life.

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Healing Circles
A healing circle is a small group healing session. Circles are perfect for those looking to dip their toes into energy healing, those who want to see if a new healer is a good fit, as well as those needing energetic maintenance between 1:1 sessions. They include the same high frequency energy healing and guidance of 1:1 sessions, around one intention of your choosing. These groups are sacred containers that amplify the healing. They provide a sense of community & connection, as the group heals together.  Healing Circles are approximately 2 hours long.


Update: You can now get your own group together and book a private healing circle for a party, get together or event!!! 


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Book Your PRIVATE Healing Circle!

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Shield & Heal:
6-Week Healing Intensive
to Release, Protect & Reconnect

The Shield & Heal experience is a small group 6-week healing intensive designed to help you learn to release collective energy, protect your energy field and ground into your body, so you can achieve quantum leaps in your healing and reconnect with your intuition, your pure energy & your highest vibration.

During this experience, you will receive weekly healing and energetic protection, so you have the time and space you need to heal, upgrade and reconnect with your own energy, without the interference of heavy, chaotic or dark collective energy.


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