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Searching for the perfect healer, coach or practitioner to help you reach you spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health goals? Want to make sure the practitioner you choose is well versed in energetics and will hold a sacred & safe space for you, no matter what service you're looking for?

Look no further!

No matter what you are searching for help & guidance with, there is support out there for you. Here at Spiritual Rebel Healing, my mission is to help support the supporters AND to connect clients with amazing practitioners. 

On this page you will find a list of practitioners who are all energetically aware, open minded, loving, supportive and ready to serve you in a way that is in alignment with your highest & best. This list is compromised of practitioners who I personally LOVE & would trust my own healing with (and in many cases I have!).

Scroll through the list and see who resonates with you today!

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Jamie Morrissey, Spiritual Rebel Healing

Jamie is an intuitive, Ahai™ 7D energy healer, energy shield, writer, teacher and former psychologist. 


Jamie helps other healers, practitioners and mental healthcare workers expand their minds on all things energy, emotions and mental health, so they can break through barriers of tradition and programming to build the creative, unique and totally aligned practices of their dreams.


She teach healers & practitioners how to work with energy safely, as well as how to support their clients with mental health struggles in expansive and empowering ways.

She support other healers, practitioners and mental healthcare workers through a variety of modalities and methods, including energy healing sessions, consultations, group healing events, trainings, downloadable guides & other resources.


Find out about her offerings & book a service through her website,

 Follow her on Instagram @jamie.spiritualrebel


Sara Doane

Sara is a brand strategist, 7D energy healer & intuitive guide bridging the gap between aesthetics & energy for multi-passionate entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a brand representative, Sara will guide you through the process of refining your purpose, releasing stagnant energy, and developing an aligned aesthetic to reach more people—and the right people—by simply being yourself.

Sara’s services include (1) brand strategy sessions and (2) therapeutic talk sessions with energy healing.


Book a session through her website, and find her on Instagram @saradoane.

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Rachel Espana, Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Rachel is a holistic Nutrition Consultant and Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. 


Rachel is passionate about helping high achievers who are struggling with adrenal dysfunction & burnout. She supports clients to correct imbalances using nutrition & lifestyle changes, and mindset shifts, so they can reclaim their energy and feel like themselves again.


Rachel’s offerings include one-on-one coaching, as well a high-touch group program coming in early 2022. 


Book a discovery call to learn more about working together:


Follow her on Instagram @rachel.leanne.wellness


Caitlin Sullivan, Spring To Life

Caitlin is a certified Pilates instructor, hormone health coach and creator of the Spring to Life Method which guides women to bounce back from burnout by learning to redefine their relationship with exercise, love their bodies and make friends with their menstrual cycle through cycle syncing. 

Caitlin’s services include:


The Spring to Life Membership, Click Here to Access

Virtual Private Lessons, email her to book:

In-person Group & Private Lessons, Learn More Here

Spring Back to You 1-on-1 Coaching (coming 1/22)

Spring to Life 101 (coming 1/22)​

You can also learn more on her website, and follow her on Instagram @springtolifemethod.


Tansy Rodgers, beU Complete

Tansy Rodgers is the founder of beU Complete- Body, Energy, Unity Complete Health Coaching. She is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist Assistant, Group Fitness Instructor, Health & Lifestyle Coach, and a Speaker.


Tansy's work is dedicated to helping women transform by guiding them through the new seasons of their lives and bringing energy healing into every modality that she uses. Everyone has unique bio-individual needs — with this philosophy and a deep passion for community and accountability, Tansy specializes in gut health, bloating, energy work, mobility, and mindset shifting.

Tansy's services include:

"Break Your Plateau" 1:1 Coaching, book a Breakthrough Session to learn more HERE

"Movement & Mindset 1:1 Coaching, book a Breakthrough Session to learn more HERE

Membership: Coming in 2022

The Energy Fix Free Community: Coming in 2022

Visit Tansy's website

Find her on Instagram @tansyrodgerswellness

Connect with her on LinkedIn