Energy Management & Protection for Practitioners
12-Week Training & Healing Intensive 
Step-by-step live course to protecting & managing your energy in every area of your work & life. 

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You're here because you're ready to take your practice to the next level.

The next level of healing for your clients.

The next level of expansion of your healing methods.

The next level of connection to your intuition as a practitioner.

The next level of leadership in your field.

The next level of impact in the world.

The next level of joy, confidence and passion in your work.

But... you feel drained, emotional or numb and are questioning if you were really cut out for this mission.

You've realized how your work connects you with the energy of your clients.

You are no longer attached to old world methods of helping your clients. You know they can HEAL.


You know you were meant for more as a practitioner & healer.


You are READY to take the next step in your professional journey!


What if your work didn't have to feel like a struggle? 

What if you could regain your energy, meet more clients more deeply & dive into your work with JOY again?

You might be thinking, "If I were meant to do this work, wouldn't it feel easier? Wouldn't come naturally? Wouldn't it be energizing me every day?


Well, yes and no. I bet your work DOES come naturally to you. I'd also bet that deep in your heart, you DO know you were meant for this & it DOES bring you joy.

The key to returning to joy and being energized by your work again is learning how to manage & protect your energy, so you can do your work safely & return to the vibrant healer & practitioner you know you came here to be. 

Through your training to become a practitioner or healer you learned how to use unique healing & treatment methods with your clients.


But chances are, you never learned the energetics of the practitioner-client exchange and how that can impact you on a deep physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. You most likely never learned how to manage your energy & protect it, especially in regards to working with your clients.

In addition, most of us healers & practitioners are empaths, we feel the emotions, especially the pain, of the people we care about- including our clients.

Because we are not taught about the energy of emotions and particularly how to hold space for others safely, we tend to try to help in the only way we know how- taking on & absorbing the pain and energy from those around us!

It doesn't help that in our society boundaries are often labeled as selfish and we can be made to feel guilty for wanting to protect our energy.

We can form limiting beliefs and develop fears around what it means to help others...

"If I care about someone, I need to try to solve their problems."

"I have to ALWAYS be available for those I care about, no matter what I have going on."

"I NEED to let my friends energy dump on me whenever they need to, even if I don't feel up to it."

"If I stand up for myself & hold my boundaries, I will be rejected & abandoned."


Sound Familiar?


These fears, limiting beliefs and other wounds we have around boundaries & what it means to help others can become subconscious blocks that lower our boundaries energetically- even when we are doing daily protection practices!


The key is to first learning the foundational skills of energy management & protection, then doing the deep work to uncover the subconscious blocks you have to allowing these strategies to work for you- both professionally and in your personal life.


That's exactly why I created the Energy Management & Protection Course for Practitioners- so you can fully step into your role as a healer & practitioner, knowing you and your energy are safe- no matter where your clients need you to meet them.

This training & healing program teaches you not only the necessary skills, practices and rituals you need to effectively manage your energy while working with clients & in your personal life, but guides you in uncovering and busting through the limiting beliefs, fears, and traumas that are blocking you from truly stepping into your power and potential as a practitioner.

Take back your energy. Take back your life.
Pursue your work & follow your mission with JOY.


This training & healing course is run as a small group program, over 12 weeks. This course shares all of the information and tools I've personally and professionally used help myself and my clients manage & protect their energy, so they can safely work with their clients & again pursue their practices with joy. I also use a combination of energy healing and intuitive guidance to help you uncover & heal your personal blocks when it comes to implementing the skills we learn. 

What you get:

  • 4 Modules of content taught live.

  • All Modules also provided as lessons in PDF format, voice recording & video demos- so you can review at your own pace.

  • 4 Live calls where you can ask questions, get feedback and troubleshoot anything that comes up as you are learning to implement these skills in your practice & personal life

  • 4 Ahai™ Energy Healing Circles where I connect with your energy, your guides & angels to help uncover and heal energetic blocks to implementing these news skills

  • Weekly energetic clearing & protection to give you time & space to work on your own healing

  • Access to support from me in between calls

  • Access to a community messaging platform to build connections with soul-aligned colleagues

  • LIFETIME access to all course materials, so you can access them whenever you need to!



  • Accessing the body's innate wisdom to learn more about our energetic health & needs

  • Daily practices for clearing of dark collective energy

  • Finding, identifying & releasing trapped energies

  • Preventing the absorption of emotions from our clients

  • Actionable steps to restoring your energy after client sessions

  • Cutting & preventing cords

  • The importance of clearing energies in-between sessions and how to do it

  • Energetic anchoring & why it's essential to ground your energy

  • The difference between grounding & earthing

  • Energetic Shielding in a professional setting

  • How to let your intuition guide your practice

  • How to do inner child work, reframe limiting beliefs & heal trauma to resolve energetic resistance to holding your boundaries

... and more!



This course is exactly what you need if...

  • You feel drained by your current schedule of clients.

  • You're not feeling like yourself anymore.

  • You're ready to pull yourself out of the darkness.

  • You want to be able to expand your reach & impact while still feeling energized.

  • You want to lean into your intuition and unique gifts to help your clients like never before.

  • You're to dive in more deeply with your clients and feel JOY for you work again!


You have the power to work with your clients in your unique way and to make the impact in the world you KNOW you came here for, all while feeling energized, clear and protected.

The training and support you've been yearning for is here for you... are you ready to receive it?



How long do I have access to the course material?

You'll receive links to all the course material as we cover each module & lesson, which you can download and keep forever!

Do I need to be an energy healer for this to apply to me?

Absolutely not! This training is amazing for anyone and everyone who works with other people's energy or emotions in any capacity. If you work with people on a physical or emotional level, you are interacting with their energy! You don't need any prior certifications or skills to learn & implement these practices. I work with all types of practitioners, including doctors, chiropractors, therapists, physical therapists, nutritionists and of course other energy healers. 

Is this course only about working with clients?

Nope! While we do specifically learn how to manage and protect our energy in the context of working with clients as a practitioner, these skills are also an essential part of healthy energetic practices for all people. Anyone who is looking to learn how to finally clear their energy from the fears, limiting beliefs and emotions of the collective and others will benefit from this course. 

Do I have to have my own practice serving clients for this to apply?

Whether you have a booming practice or have simply been building the courage to start your work as a healer or practitioner, the skills involved in protecting and managing your energy are foundational to building a practice that is healthy for both you and your clients.

Are there refunds or money-back guarantees?

There are no refunds issued once your seat in the course is purchased. When you join this course, you are making the commitment to yourself to finally take your power back into your own hands. You are making the commitment to show up fully & do the work necessary to truly grow and thrive.

When are the calls?

The calls will be held on Wednesdays at 4:30 PM PDT. We start on October 6th and go through December 29th, with a week off for Thanksgiving :)

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can choose to pay in three monthly installments or pay in full and receive a discount of almost $300!

What do I do if I still have questions?

You can book a complimentary discovery call to see if this course is the right fit for you!


Already know this is the course for you?


Enrollment ends October 4th. Live training calls begin October 6th!

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