Ahai™ Energy & Angel Activations

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What kind of energy do I channel in sessions?

During 1:1 energy healing sessions, healing circles and recorded healings, I channel a combination of two energies: Angel Activation Energy and Ahai™ 7D Energy.

Angel Activations are an energy technology downloaded by me, Jamie Morrissey, in February 2021.

Ahai™ 7D Energy was downloaded by channel and intuitive Christina Rice in August 2020. I am a certified Ahai™ practitioner.

Both energies are high frequency and adapt to what you need in the moment.

What are Angel Activations?

Angel Activations are a form of energy healing technology downloaded by Jamie Morrissey in February 2021. 

Angel Activations use high frequency energy to discover, reactivate and reconnect the receiver with lost or disconnected parts of themselves. Angel Activations also help to reawaken and reconnect us to our intuition, our spirit guides and our angels.

Disconnection from parts of ourselves and our spiritual counterparts is a large cause of emotional distress, including loneliness, excess worry, feelings of low self-worth, extreme sadness and isolation.

Angel Activation help to heal the connections between all parts of who we are, so we can return to ourselves and feel whole again.

When we reconnect with our spirit guides and angels, it may also be easier to call on them for support, guidance and protection.


What is Ahai™ Energy?

Ahai™ Healing was downloaded by Christina Rice in August 2020.


It is a powerful form of 7D energy healing that works at the miracle frequency. This is an energy of love and light. It is  is very connected with angels, making it a perfect energy to use in combination with Angel Activations.

Ahai helps to rebalance the energy body, helps to clear deep rooted emotions and trauma's, and raise the receiver’s vibration. Ahai™  helps with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

As Ahai™  is such a high frequency, it is stronger than many other healing technologies and works more quickly than other healing methods you may have experienced.


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