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Hi, I'm Jamie!

 I’m an empath, intuitive, Ahai™ 7D energy healer, energy shield and coach, and I’m here to help you achieve emotional sovereignty, so you can stop battling your emotions, be free of collective energy, reconnect with your intuition and finally TRUST yourself again.

I use my unique combination of energy healing and coaching to help my clients heal from trauma, understand the root causes of intense emotions, free themselves of extreme mood swings and release the weight of collective emotions.


If you are ready to learn how to release & protect yourself from collective energy, reconnect with your body and heal emotional trauma, so you can fully step back into your intuition finally trust yourself again, you’re in the right place!

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My Approach: The Pillars


Trapped Emotions

Grounding &

Managing Your Energy

Energetic Protection


“Jamie has an amazing way of holding space, creating a safe container for energy healing, which can be really vulnerable and emotional. I felt incredibly understood, heard, and seen. I am an extreme empath and have gone through a lot of traumatic experiences during my lifetime. The work that Jamie and I did together felt really healing and helpful in starting to create healthy boundaries for myself. The journey to healing and reconnecting with myself is a sacred one, and having someone as loving and kind as Jamie alongside is a true gift. I cannot recommend working with her enough!"

Sarah L.

“Jamie seriously has such a beautiful light in her aura that can bring you to your highest potential truth. As Jamie was illuminating my soul and sifting through my energy, I gradually felt my soul alleviate all physical tension in my body. My heart was rejuvenated with the white AHAI energy that Jamie gifted me with. I could feel minute by minute the transformations in my body and physically feel her presence with the angels, lifting ego energy and replacing it with the highest white light. Jamie was spot on about what chakras were out of alignment and what was engraved in each one. Jamie gives such a gift of holding space for your emotions while validating trauma you’ve been through in such a kind manner. I am so blessed to have got the chance to be illuminated in the 7th dimensions with AHAI energy. If you are looking for full-rounded spiritual healing, Jamie is your heaven on earth blessing!”

Karli P.

“I received Ahai healing from Jamie and it was amazing. I felt so much energy moving through me and activations being sent to my body, which was awesome. It was such a relaxing and amazing environment. I got so much clarity on next steps for the issues I was dealing with. So much information came through. It was tangible steps, which I always appreciate. Afterwards I felt so light, happy and glowing and was able to release a lot of the emotions that were keeping me stuck. It was such an incredible experience and I highly, highly recommend working with Jamie as your energy healer.”

Michelle K.

“I am an energy healer and I have received energy healing from Jamie. It has been amazing and I cannot talk enough about it. I have been struggling with a lot of trapped emotions that my body doesn’t feel safe enough to release on its own. Jamie helped release some of those things for me and helped me to process them. I was able to gain more clarity on where the emotions came from. She is extremely intuitive and will give you amazing guidance. She will help you understand where these emotions are stemming from and how to process them. As an energy healer and empath, I hold onto and absorb energy from many people, so it is important I have a way to release these energies. Our session was transformational for me. I felt an immediate difference, but in the days following I felt that I kept purging emotions and felt lighter and ready to conquer all the things. If you are looking to discover and release your trapped emotions, Jamie is the perfect person to do this and to help you along your journey.”

Katie M.

“ I LOVED my energy healing session with Jamie. I felt rather disconnected and overwhelmed prior to the session. The healing was powerful and I loved how balanced, happy and grounded I have been feeling since. The guidance that came through was very on point, digestible, and actionable. Jamie is amazing at holding a loving and safe space for people who are healing. I was struggling with sleep and my sleep quality has been SO GOOD ever since our session, impacting my well-being in every aspect of my life. If you are interested in trying energy healing, I HIGHLY recommend Jamie!!”

Sandy Y.

“I had an Ahai energy healing with Jamie and it was exactly what I needed! My intentions were set around business and health and Jamie’s insight gave me precise action steps to get me where I want to be. Jamie has a beautiful energy and is extremely intuitive. She helped me tune into deeper layers of myself, gave me powerful messages from my guides, and released blocks that I’d been experiencing. I left our session feeling amazing on all levels and I can’t wait to see her again!

Erika A.

“I had an Ahai session with Jamie. I was totally new to the energy healing idea and concept, so I went in with some doubts. What happened was really eye opening; yes it was calming, balancing and boosted my energy levels, but it benefited me in so many more ways than just that. I was told things by Jamie that were real, solid realizations, things I had hiding in my subconscious and some things that were not. Subsequently, this enabled me to act objectively and gave me an outline to planning improvements and adjustments in my life. As well as being skilled, warm and intuitive, I really consider Jamie to be special and I feel blessed to have had this opportunity. I more than highly recommend her sessions.”


“My experience receiving AHAI healing from Jamie was incredible. I was extremely relaxed during the healing, and it’s hard for me to get that calm. I had very vivid dreams for a week after the session, and they all had something that resonated or that came through for me. I have been able to release more since the session. Even though the dreams weren’t always nice, or had very weird symbolism, it had been something that I’ve needed to release. The messages that were pulled for me were also so spot on and have helped me in trusting myself more. I cannot wait to experience the AHAI healing again. It was truly such a magical experience.”

Jillian W.

“I had a session with Jamie about two weeks ago now. It was a super great session. I love Jamie. She is a super powerful healer and even more powerful now. We had a session that was interactive in nature. She was bringing things up to me and I was able to talk about those things and give my perspective. That was really interesting and different for me. I’ve never experienced that type of session before and she did it so well. Secondly, super power! I could feel exactly where she was working in my body. In the following week, I had all of the things we talked about, all of the things that had been shook up, really rose to the surface. It was about a week of full on integration. In the following week, two weeks after the initial session, I really started to feel things start to click in. One of the patterns that we were working on was being in my physical body and it is so much easier for me now to just drop in. I’ve been working on it every day. Jamie really helped frame some of the issues and patterns I’ve been working on in a different way. We approached it from a different angle, which I found so helpful. This something I had been missing in other sessions that didn’t really hone in on these more specific details that were really important for me. So, I couldn’t recommend Jamie enough. She is wonderful. She is a fantastic healer. I can’t wait to see where she goes with Ahai and I can’t wait to work with her again.”

Lily F.

“Working with Jamie has been life changing in so many ways. Jamie has helped me advance my healing as well as upgrade my own skills as a practitioner. The guidance I received from Jamie on setting boundaries and energetic protection were critical to my maintaining my own energy for clients. The most impactful gift I received from my work with Jamie was doing inner childwork. It was the thing I didn't want to do, but was most needed. I love that not only did she help me through this process in our sessions but also empowered me to be able to continue to do the deeper work on my own. Our last session I was able to receive Ahai energy healing and it was extremely powerful. I have experienced a flood of insight and creativity since receiving this energy. I feel energized and inspired and excited for my next session. I am deeply grateful for all that Jamie has shown me. She is truly a healer.”

Tara C.


It's time to trust yourself again.

Stop battling your emotions. Learn how to live in harmony with them, so you can fully step back into your intuition, reconnect with your heart and finally trust yourself to build the life of your dreams.


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